Here's how to protect the rainforest

When you book a trip with one of our partners, tropical rainforest is registered in your name and placed under nature conservation. By doing so, you are protecting the climate and helping to preserve the biodiversity of this unique biotope.
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Over 27 million m² of protected rainforest

The Rainforest Foundation was founded by the entrepreneurs and world lovers Ingo Lies and Alfonso Tandazo. The foundation acquires pristine rainforest in the Ecuadorian province of Pastaza, one of the most important headwaters of the Amazon. The area is protected by our ranger Rodolfo and his team. I will take part

69 m² of rainforest bind one ton of CO₂

Scientific analyses in our rainforest have shown that 69 square metres of rainforest permanently bind one ton of carbon dioxide. This prevents it from having a harmful effect on the atmosphere. Are you in?

Biodiversity is just as important as climate protection

4,025 species of root-climbing arum plants, light-seeking lianas, water-storing herbs, and humus-gathering orchids. Colourful iridescent hummingbirds, loud shouting monkeys, and feather-light butterflies. The lungs of the world, with thousands of waterways that form the Amazon. The Rainforest Foundation preserves all of this. With your contribution

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Every euro donated ends up in the rainforest because all administrative costs are covered by Chamäleon. So you invest at 100% in our climate and in biodiversity.
of your donation is used to purchase new rainforest.
Your donation serves to protect and preserve the rainforest.
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